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Great Honor: Kopos® | Limited Edition received the 2nd place packaging award worldwide in the renowned “Dieline Awards 2016”.

We are so proud that Kopos® | Limited Edition packaging designed by Chris Trivizas stood out among packaging by famous designers of colossal brands like Nike, Jack Daniel’s, Smirnoff, Victorinox, Marc Jacobs, BIC. Kopos® | Limited Edition extra virgin olive oil gained the 2nd place award in category "Dairy, Spices, Oils, Sauces, Condiments" due to its clean, minimal design and its wooden cap, created by olive branches, selected and processed after pruning which as the founder of The Dieline Awards, Andrew Gibbs, emphasized “It is the perfect proof of Essentialism” - the theme of Dieline Awards 2016.

Now in its 7th year, The Dieline Awards 2016 presented by Neenah Packaging is an international design competition recognizing the world's best consumer product packaging design. It exists as a way for both designers and society at large to more easily recognize the value of innovative packaging in everyday life. They have gathered a highly esteemed jury of structural packaging, design, branding, and consumer product experts to judge submissions across 12 categories by 13 countries based on three vital design components: Creativity, Marketability and Innovation.

Founder of The Dieline Awards among others states that “Good packaging contains, preserves, protects, and transports the food and items we need to live. However, great packaging—like The Dieline Awards winners—has the ability to change how we think and completely alter the way we interact with the products we consume.”

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