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An excellent article on "FNL-GUIDE" featuring Kopos® as the ideal case study of Greek olive oil

A historical review from the beginning of Andriotis | Greek Olive Oil that with effort and hard work passed from the famous Buteli of grandfather Andriotis in Corfu to the grandchildren, Dimitris and George, described through a wonderful article by Harris Tzannis in FNL-GUIDE.

Among the others, the author states: "The Kopos® extra virgin olive oil is one of these cases that deserves your attention because you feel that you are in front of the history and the future of Greek olive oil. Today, the reins of the company Andriotis Greek Olive Oil in Corfu, are taken over by the grandchildren, Dimitris and George, who changed the strategy and produced their own olive oil aiming to travel around the world as a Greek product." (...)

"The innovative design of the bottle which is designed by the award-winning creative agency Chris Trivizas brings, for the first time, to the table not only the natural juice of the olives but also the olives themselves through the wooden cap created by olive branches, selected and processed after the pruning.” (…)

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