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Andriotis is a family business that specializes in the collection, sorting and trading of olive oil for over 50 years. Our long history, expertise and highly trained personnel, as well as the use of the latest technology in all collection and processing stages, have established our business as a reference point in the trade of premium quality olive oil.

In the recent years Andriotis has, either directly or through local partners, achieved to collect and distribute olive oil from the entire Greek territory. The company's headquarters is located on the island of Corfu.

Our history began in 1955, when Grandpa Dimitris decided to move from his village, Agios Mattheos of Corfu, in the city, in order to pursue his business plans. In the village, he had worked in the harvesting of olives, the cultivation of the land and, to some extent, in the olive oil trade. It was thus inevitable that olive oil would become the core of his city business. He opened his first shop in Mantzarou street. Gradually, the company gained a distinguished reputation and developed partnerships with most of the olive oil producers in Corfu. Andriotis moved then to a larger store in the popular market area, creating a ''classic'' meeting point in the trade.

Over the years, hundreds of producers from all parts of Corfu have done business with Andriotis. Small producers with a few containers, larger, with a few barrels and larger yet, with several tons of olive oil. The process always began with gross weighing, followed by the collection of a sample from each container, oximetry and, finally, calculation of the amount to be paid. Always servicing with a smile, with honesty, seriousness, reliability and responsibility, owners and personnel together managed to earn the respect of the producers and become their top choice.

Today, the Andriotis name is synonymous to reliability and quality in the olive oil trade. With reception centers in Corfu and local partners in other parts of the country and abroad, Andriotis distributes Greek olive oil in various European countries.

  • 1 Metallic container with a special handle for sample collection from the barrels.
  • 2 The word “Buteli” originates in the Venetian dialect and is part of the local tongue.

Its long standing history and involvement have equipped Andriotis with the proficiency and know-how that allows it to focus on the future, with projects relating to the development and expansion of the business, as well as the promotion and utilization of the natural wealth of Corfu.

Our constant goal is, of course, to strengthen the market share of the company. At the same time we aim to maintain excellent relations with all cooperating parties. We strive to keep producers in Corfu actively interested in producing high quality olive oil and, why not, to motivate them to contribute to the rational renewal of the beautiful groves of Corfu.

Perpetual goal of the company is to pursue and achieve new strategic alliances. Furthermore, a long-term goal is the recognition of our standardized products.

Devotion to tradition combined with modern procedures is the axis on which Andriotis bases its activity.

Promptly responding to present-day needs and always aiming for customer service of the highest level, the company decided to design and install a Product Safety System in accordance with the requirements of EN ISO 22000:2005. We are thus happy to announce the successful completion of this process, which ensures defined quality standards for our products.

Nο. 12872762128

Our company due to our forthcoming export activities to the U.S.A., has been registered to the U.S. FDA.

The U.S. FDA registration is a must for every exporting company. Is required for all facilities that manufacture, process, pack or store food, beverage or dietary supplements that may be consumed in the United States by humans or animals. Companies located outside the United States must designate a U.S. Agent for U.S. FDA communication.